It’s happening.

In less than 48 hours, the course will be cleared from the White River 50. Hopefully, in 48 hours, I will be parked in a camp chair in front of a fire, happily dozing off while my legs freeze up and my body tries to understand the torture I just put it through.

In 33 hours, I will most certainly be losing my shit. Because, Saturday is race day.

Prequel: miniRace Report: Cougar Mountain!

Two weeks ago I did a trail race at a place called cougar mountain (can’t wait to run it in a few years, when I earn the term). It was technical in spots, fast in spots, and really, really painful in spots. I signed up for the 20 mile option, because I’m training for a 50 mile race. It’s basically a sprint at that point, right?

My goal was to explore a new trail and, at the urging of my mother, “maybe try to meet some people!” And also, to try out using a race belt for holding snacks instead of my regular nathan backpack, since there will be plenty of aid stations at WR50.


The belt (purple) is actually really awkward. You have to put it on like a shirt… it’s all one piece. But it worked. Meh. Definitely more comfortable than that the hydration pack for light weight!

Somehow, I wound up 2nd of the women. I had a few glimpses of the top girl (she was wearing neon orange, which didn’t hurt), but I was just so stoked to be close that I’d see her and start walking. Typical. Still, I passed the eventual 3rd place woman around mile 9, and never looked back. I ended up trading places and crossed the finish line with a guy named Mike who gave me some history on the course, and was a welcome partner for the last 5 miles or so. It was awesome!

After the race, we hung out and got a little rained on (it’s Seattle, after all), and then I got an award – a super awesome pilsner glass…. AND a whole bag of goodies from the North Face. THANKS!!! Little secret, I knew about the glasses, and just wanted to hold onto a top 3 spot to get one (seriously, they’re awesome). The race was really, incredibly well-marked and overall a ton of fun. Plus, it was awesome to hang out with the speedy 1st place girl and other people who had run the 10 mile or 10k options earlier. Also, there was watermelon.


Another Caroline! She won a free pair of shoes from the north face… seriously, prizes were pretty off the hook for a rather low-key event.

Otherwise, I’ve just been hanging out in Seattle, feeling guilty for not running enough. But I managed a long bike ride with some friends this last weekend, including 2 ferry rides! The ferries here are a bit more legit than the ones in Illinois. They even have food on board!


Old friends, new friends. Look how happy everyone is! (probably around mile 51 of 60ish)


Our bikes are cooler than yours. And beer is necessary mid-ride.


… I live here.

As for work, I recently got staffed on a project in Bellevue, which happens to be about 10 miles from where I live… the perfect distance to commute! I bought panniers (potentially the best investment I’ve made, save my bikes) and am SO HAPPY to have a super awesome ride which is 80% on a dedicated bike trail, with bike lanes or sharrows for the other 20%. Funny thing is, though, nobody likes being passed by a girl in chacos (my feet like to be free after wearing shoes all day) and flat pedals riding a steel singlespeed with two monster panniers. They’re getting over it, though. And hopefully my legs will get used to it as good base miles. And, more importantly, hopefully I can find pants that fit marion and jones. Because they’re gonna be out of control.


yay panniers!

Finally, I think I’ve been doing something right (or, mom knows best, and I have no friends).


I got this watch at the end of May (so, less than 2 months ago). Sure, it probably doesn’t have much memory. I’m still a little proud of myself.

Race day is Saturday.


2 thoughts on “It’s happening.

  1. See, your Mom was right, you met some people. And, your Dad (me) would have been in it (not a chance, I stumble in a 20 FOOT sprint) for the pilsner glass. Good luck on Saturday! Have fun, be careful, don’t damage yourself.

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