In the Meantime…

I found this a while ago and stashed it away just in case. Since I’m slacking on the race reports, it’ll have to do for now.

First things first, THIS (click the link for the article):


I was just in the desert! But I obviously missed out on some solar-powered opportunities.

The concept is a solar-powered electro-bike. Ignoring the fact that bikes are meant to be ridden for fun and trails are hard for a reason (mostly that reason being it’s super awesome and empowering once you finally clean that tricky section), this photo is just too much.

1. Bibs and bibs alone. Get ready Seattle, I’m bringing this style to you. Totes.totesgoats

2. Clearly the electro-power works pretty well, because that girl’s got no calves. Even as she’s clearly trying to show off her ‘athleticism’ (side note, I do believe that everyone should be happy with their body as a machine. If it doesn’t work as well as you want it to, give it some love. Like a nice long ride or run every once in a while. If it doesn’t look like exactly what the media is telling you it should, fuckem. It works. And that is what matters. However, in this ad where clearly she’s being used as a ‘sportscar hood; model, couldn’t you at least pick someone who actually rides a bike?!?)

3. That smouldering look over the sunglasses. Hot damn, I’ve gotta start practicing that.

4. From the article… “DDS will be available next year with 26 and 28 inch wheel sizes” I know I don’t know much about bikes, but I was unaware 28 inch wheels were the new thing (upon a little research, it seems this is what those persnickety northern europeans call 700c wheels. It still looks funny to me).

Unrelated, but related to triathletes which I have to assume the author of the above article is, I found article on a training facility for triathletes. A place “where athletes will safely and effectively concentrate on what’s critical to their performance”. If I lived there I’d probably check it out… because who doesn’t want to ride a course that’s never going to be open to motorized traffic? But the important part was the recommended articles at the end (ok, really just the CPAP and looking rich ones):


Triathletes, man.

Practice makes perfect, whereas training just makes roadies. I’m gonna go ahead and count triathletes too (because I sometimes am one, have plenty of friends who are into that, and it’s still hilarious).


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