Go Big!

So, I’m doing quite a bit of traveling. A ton of traveling. The race report form the break up is mostly written, but wireless connections are spotty and photos are hard to upload. And posts with no photos are no fun. So instead, I’m just going to update on my travels. SO MANY THINGS!!!

My ‘time off’ after thesis defense has been awesome. Crazy, but awesome. I was chatting with a friend and starting to realize just how much I’m trying to squeeze in to my last month-ish in St. Louis… and it turns out it really won’t be spent much in St. Louis. My celebration of being done in the lab is, as it turns out, to not be in the lab as much as possible. As she pointed out, my idea of celebration is to do a bunch of racing and adventuring. So that’s what is happening! Ha.

My Schedule:

MARCH MADNESS, Deuce style:

March 6: Successfully defend thesis. Dr. Deuce in the house (my ultimate frisbee nickname is Deuce from when I was the second Kate on the team. I think Dr. Deuce is the most awesome title ever, so I’m keeping it)!

March 10-13 Road Trip to Fort Collins, CO (visit awesome people at oddity and blacksheep cycles, and stay with my brother), Basalt CO (to chill with my dad!), and St. George Utah

March 14: True Grit Epic dreamcrusher SS death by fun

March 20-22: Break-Up 12 hr adventure race in Milford, KS with the toporadicals. Yay new teammates!

March 26: Officially celebrate finishing my thesis by drinking a ton of beer and gin shots. Oooooweeee

March 28-30: Ignore any responsibilities and hang out at home, try to remember new technical skills at Chubb, solo navigation practice at rockwoods range. Recovery.


April 3-5: My college roommate gets married in Portland!! Reunion with college friends, chill in the Northwest. Get invited to random Easter brunch at Airbnb stay… it is awesome.

April 6-9: Train ride (my first!) to Seattle. Find and apartment. Ride PRONTO bike share bikes and be amazed that cars stop for pedestrians. Get stoked for new city, stare longingly at Mt. Ranier. I stayed at the Green Tortoise Hostel downtown… the BEST DEAL EVER!!! Free breakfast, right across the street from pike place market, super awesome people. I. Love. Hostels.

April 10-13: Salt Lake City!!! AXS 12 hour Adventure race in Moab with AR buddy Justin and pup Dune. It’s going to be awesome.

April 17-19: Off Road Rage 24 hour adventure race in Salina, KS, with Toporadicals. Avenge our 12 hour!

April 24-26: River to River road running relay (ha) in Illinois with the FRBs/Twatwaffles. 3 legs of about 3 miles of running each. Can’t wait for costumes for this one…eeewwww team.

May 2: Cedar Cross in Jeff City. Trying to convince Peat to let me borrow his wheels again, it’s not going so well.

May 6th ish: Depart StL for good?!?

You know my schedule, let’s hang out! I’d love to catch up and go for one last run/ride/bar crawl with all you awesome St. Louis people. Hit me up!


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