Non-Report: Castlewood 8 Hr

This year I was lucky enough to grab a spot in the Bonk Hard Castlewood 8Hour adventure race with some fast dudes. As my first ever experience with adventure racing (back in 2011!), the CW8 taught me some rough lessons:


2011: I forgot my helment. Good thing Walmart was open at 5AM… and in retrospect I really regret not adjusting it better.


2011: Anatoly! Team redshift, checking in. Note the tennis shoes.


1. A single clif bar is not enough food for a full day of racing

2. When the race directors say it’s an 8 hour race, it will take you 8 hours (or more!), even if you think you’re in ‘good’ shape

3. A paddle section is not a float trip

As I’ve done a few other AR’s I’ve learned more lessons, but I was stoked to get back to a local, ‘sprint’ race… particularly with a new team, new category (4p co-ed, up with the big girls and boys), and new earlier start date! November makes for much more pleasant racing weather than December!


2013…bikes in boats in freezing weather (was it 7F? I think it was 7F)


2013: Thank goodness for this fire. We needed a serious defrosting after the river.


Race specifics… have already been covered very quickly and thoroughly by Emily and Kate, and I don’t think at this point I’ll be able to add anything to their awesome reports! So, instead, I’ve started to collect shitty race photos. Enjoy!


Starting the race, everyone is so happy!



Punch some points running, realize how tired legs are from Skippo (did I mention I raced a 30K last weekend? I did. It was awesome. I got 2nd, but more importantly, got to chat with Dwayne the entire time. He pushed it like a champ).


Runner Scott (L), navigator Jeremy (R) of team Extreme Electrical (x4)!

Get new map, get in boats (no bikes in boats this year! YAAAY!!)



Out of the boats! I’ve perfected the double-chin.


On to the bikes!


But first… a gear check!


Find the flag



So, slightly out of order… but back onto bikes for more b-e-a-utiful fall riding



Orienteering. I’m so helpful.


Some road riding, some trail riding, then sprinting on in to the finish in a time of… 5:45! For an 8 hour race! WTF?? No wonder my legs were so unhappy during the trek sections.


Great day racing – thanks to all the volunteers (I even know some of you now, and you’re waaay awesome to spend a day dealing with crazy racers checking gear and making sure all goes well! Thanks so much!!!) and to Gary and Ellen for putting on an awesome race. Can’t wait for the next one!







1 thought on “Non-Report: Castlewood 8 Hr

  1. You guys had a great race! Not that I was surprised, but I was stoked for you that you all had such a strong, fast finish. The picture of you smiling as Jeremy is looking at the map cracks me up.

    Two weekends, two straight podiums. You pretty much rock. 🙂

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