OT100: teaser

Yeah, so I thought I’d get away with one post for the OT100, because I’m not really that interesting and don’t really have that many pictures to share. But after just outlining the few things I remember… would make it too long for one post. So I’m joining the ranks of some of my favorite bloggers (I’m looking at you fatty, EK, Superkate…) and starting a multi-part series. Luckily for you, I’m headed on a lil vacation tomorrow so I might actually get things done soon-ish! Until then, here’s a quick update on why Frontier airlines kinda sucks:


I was fooled into buying the ‘cheap’ flight, until I learned it would be an extra $60 round-trip for just a CARRY ON. But I really wanted a little trip home, and now I’ll be checking a bag with more goodies for cheaper. Thanks Frontier? (yeah, no, not doing that again)

Yep, by multi-part series I mean I’m not even starting part 1 yet. Ha!


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