…but why is all the food gone?

This week (and the past few weeks) has been dedicated to OT100 prep. I’m feeling a bit under-trained, but I also suppose there’s no way I could feel completely prepared for 100 miles of missouri singletrack. I’ve been playing more ultimate recently, which is great because I get to hang out with all my ultimate friends, but also means I’ve been spending less time on a bike. Which is not super promising.

Regardless, it’s now T-minus-3 days (wtf?!?) until race day, meaning panic is beginning to set it. Some people deal with stress by obsessively checking weather, by doing a bunch of other activities to ignore the sense of impending doom, or simply shutting down. Me? I eat. Everything.

You don’t believe me. It’s cool, I didn’t believe it either. I’ll illustrate by means of a short story, which is actually the first time I learned of this ‘response’ of mine.

A few years ago, Caroline and I were adventure buddies. We still are – in fact, our adventures have since that time significantly grown in scale and intensity. But at that point (summer 2011 maybe?) we decided to do an “EPIC ADVENTURE” of riding the full katy trail. Ok, so it’s not that intense. But at the time, it seemed like it.


At the start! Well, a few miles in, actually, since we biked from my apartment by forest park.

We planned our vacation days so that we could enjoy a leisurely ride through Missouri wine country, planning to go about 50-60 miles per day and camping along the way. All was good… until we loaded up the bike trailer and found that one wheel was wonky. As in, wouldn’t hold air at all, no matter how many tubes we tried. Even replacing the tire didn’t help, but we couldn’t find what was wrong with the rim, and daylight was running out for our departure from the city. Naturally, we taped the tire up as best we could (yes, literally running electrical tape around the bulging tube/tire in hopes of keeping it at least somewhat on the wheel) and headed off!


With trailer.

We actually made it to a campsite day one, and had a great time watching a little league game. But the next day, we had the same issues with the trailer wheel. Perhaps we were trying to carry a bit too much gear for a little kiddo trailer. Who knows. What we did know, was that the trailer was not going to work out. We made it to our day two goal destination of Tebbetts, MO, where there’s an awesome guest house with a mini bike shop/tool stand. After wrenching on the wheel some more, we came to the conclusion that the trailer would not be making the rest of the trip with us. As this realization was sinking in – we still had a lot of miles to go to hit the end of the trail in Clinton – Caroline took action finding places for us to stay (one night in Columbia with a friend, and one night at a super seedy hotel in Sedalia, booked by her brother Joseph). I reacted, as is now expected, by eating. All of our food. For the planned remaining 3 days of camping. For 2 people. To my credit, I did not eat the dry rice.



Caroline was, I think, a little disgusted. So was I, once she pointed out what was happening. It was something I’d never noticed before – I blame some sort of hoarder instinct… I mean, we packed all that food, we might as well take it with us. I would be taking it with me… on my hips. Despite leaving most of our gear behind, we survived the trip and some dude bought us lunch in Clinton… our best bet is that he figured we hadn’t eaten in a long time, based on our super crusty appearance (one set of clothes for 3 days and nights on the katy trail in the summer = stiiiiinky). Ha! sucker.

Anyway, flash back to last night… sometimes you’re ready for bed, and then sometimes you just need a grilled cheese. With an egg. Because reasons. At least I’ll have plenty of extra calories stocked up for this weekend.


when life hands you a 10oz block of cheddar, you shred it and make a grilled cheese. Then just grill some cheese for cheese crispies. Then eat a bunch more cheese.




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