Commuting – now with 100% more awesome

Let’s start with a perspective of my commute – it’s really easy. Even on ‘bad’ days, it’s easy. I very intentionally found an apartment basically across the street from forest park (for running convenience), right next to my lab on the main campus, and a metro stop. This means I have many options for commuting – typically, I’ll walk if I’m headed to the mechanical engineering lab, and I’ll either metro or ride my bike through forest park to meetings/experiments on the medical campus (ride distance – about 3 miles. Enough to get sweaty, but whatever. They crank the AC, it doesn’t take long to cool back down).

Typically, I leave my phone in the outside pocket of my bag, easily accessible for meeting time/location/text message checking. Well, after like 3 years of phone storage, apparently the elastic wore out (or I started riding like a maniac? probably a little of both) and… this happened:


Old phone on left, new phone on right. Yes, the new one shattered after just a few months. Back to the trusty old galaxy from 2010!

I had a fun few weeks trying to get the screen replaced (never, ever, ever try to use the place called captain mobile on the loop by the pageant. So much time wasted. So much incompetence. Even thinking about it again makes me angry…). Eventually, I wound up ordering a totally new phone and got everything sorted out. But now the question – how to carry said phone? I couldn’t really justify putting it back in the pocket that betrayed me… so I found a dorky little carrying strap that I put on my shoulder bag.


This little thing has effectively improved my daily satisfaction index by like a thousand. Why? 1) my phone is super easy to get to… even easier than in the side pocket! How neat is that? 2) I can play music from pandora, and hear it really well. I used to occasionally wear headphones, but I prefer being aware to my surroundings, particularly since most of my city riding puts me on streets with drivers that aren’t always the most aware (to put it gently). Now, I have a super awesome set up and can rock out/chill out while still being available to the world. And subjecting innocent forest park walkers to my music tastes. Suckers.


The bad news for you? My new phone has a front facing camera. So I can take ‘better’ selfies.



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