Shrink it and Pink it

Aside from sounding like the newest geriatric libido-enhancing plastic surgery ploy, there’s been a lot of news lately about disparities between men’s and women’s cycling.

don’t get stuck in there…

Dollars to winners of female tours, the color and design of available women’s products, etc all point to the fact that most bike products – whether for men or women – are marketed to men. One article I read recently noted that Assos sells their women’s jerseys using a bottomless women in heels (and no, I don’t mean she don’t have a butt, I mean she’s showing it off). While not totally surprised, I wanted to verify. I was unable to find the poor bottomless woman (hopefully she’s found a chamois by now) but I was able to find the ads for the Assos bottoms… which feature a very topless lady. I don’t know, but Assos must not make very reliable clothing if their models can only manage to keep on one article of clothing at a time.


Assos… not even showing off their namesake? for shame!

All in the same day, some of my faith was restored in the badass women that like to ride bikes by this article (with awesome photos, btw). I’m all for making crude jokes and being naked, but just make sure when you’re naked, it’s because it’s too fucking hot outside, not because someone else thinks your naked body is a good way to sell clothes (oh how the world works… le sigh).


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