3P’s of Mountain Biking

I recently had an epiphany as I was tackling a local challenge (for me) trail (for those interested – lone wolf. Not really such a challenge, but I cleaned it for my first time recently, and was super stoked). Since I am sure you will agree with me and benefit from my sage advice, I will share it with you (lucky!). While mountain biking, there are many things you can do. You can blast things really hard and just hope to hold on (works sometimes, spectacular falls and bruises to show people other times. Also my typical method). Or, you can go easy, and unclip at the slightest threat (or, in my case, fall over while clipped in, and claim the bruises are from doing something cool instead). But, to really do more better, I have come to the conclusion that you really just need the 3 P’s:

Apparently 3Ps is also a thing… but I just like the piggies (from http://oren.teich.net/)


Pick yo’ line


I will now tell you why these 3 components are all necessary, specifically in said order.

Pause – I suspect this one will decrease depending on how good you are, but for now, I need a moment to collect myself when looking at a daunting row of pebbles in the middle of the road. I also just have in repeat in my mind “you can ride over things” (I forget this… more often than I would like to admit)

Pick yo line – when I was just getting started, I had a friend who would tell me “just look where you want to go, ’cause that’s where you’ll go”. It’s harder than it sounds… that big root in the center of the trail I’d like to avoid? I tend to stare it down. Then what happens? I hit it. Pretty simple. But after that nice pause, you can pick a line you like.

Power – after picking a totally badass line, you gotta give it the juice and have faith in your decision. So what if you realize half-way through that there was a better option? Stick to your guns – you can ride over things 🙂

No no, I said pick a line, not pickup line… (from http://endlessorigami.com)



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