Not a term I was familiar with, as I am – in fact – a chick. Therefore, getting chick’d is only natural. My friend Mike was joking how he only got chicked once in the QQ (as he was beaten by only 1 woman… damn extra 20 seconds and I could have had him). Then this article popped up on my facebook feed. I like it, I like the concept. Then, oh then, this little comment in the end notes that Velocio is looking to perhaps be a cycling apparel company (with mostly women’s stuff) instead of a women’s cycling apparel company… and the author had to throw in the line that ‘women are hard to please’. You just wrote a perfectly nice article about how ‘women’s cycling’ is belittled by the distinction from ‘cycling’. That comment? Probably institutionalized and just a natural reaction, is exactly why the divide exists. It’s not that cyclists are picky (they are, it’s simultaneously a wimpy and seriously intense sport), but that women are picky. That chick that wants her shorts to actually fit her big muscular thighs? Must be because she’s a girl… (and, implicity, only cares about how those shorts look, amiright ladies?) not because she’s an athlete that doesn’t like chafing in the tender-bits. Bummer, dude.


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