I fell in love with love


I recently went to San Francisco for a “business” trip (as businessy as grad school gets, I suppose). While there, I had an awesome time. The conference (Biophysical Society whattup?!) was fun… but there is so much more to do. Here are some pictures.


Step 1: Rent a bike. Ride said bike up and over golden gate bridge, into sausalito, go looking for old mill park. Fail and retreat.


Step 2: Impress locals by riding up and out of Sausalito on bike. Find random dude overlooking the bridge (again) who insists on posing you to “caress” the bridge. Thanks overall-wearing local!


Step 3: Run along embarcadero, where you biked the day before, to soak in some more local color. Check out the pier. Find a boat. Eat some freakin’ fantastic carrots. (not recommended: tearing off a chunk of your shin trying to jump on a high box. Yes it happened, no I won’t subject you to pictures. I’m an idiot)


Step 4: Stay at the most awesome hostel ever. Make some friends.

Other highlights included:

*the most beautiful and good-smelling hash I’ve ever been to (think, running through the presidio at night to wind up on a beach looking out at the golden gate bridge all pretty and lit up, then running back up (shit-tons of) stairs to an overlook point where there is not 1 but 2 IPA options on tap. road-whoring is highly recommended here)

*finding the bison in golden gate state park (they were hiding in paddocks, so no fun pictures unfortunately)

*walking up to lombard street from ghirardellhi square… then back down. Meh, I’m a tourist, therefore I will do touristy things. Suck it.

*eating so SO much food. So tasty.

This post is pretty boring. Sorry. More of a record-keeping for me than interesting for you… but if you want my rec’s or entertaining things I did while in the city on the bay, hit me up!


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