Not all who wander are lost

…is usually something people say when they’re lost and trying to retain some sense of self-respect. Luckily, I abandoned that idea a long time ago, and I will say… I am excellent at getting lost. Not just getting lost, but I’m also really bad at finding things. Like orienteering marks.

My previously described attempt at the rockwoods range course was off to a fine start (or so I thought) after finding what the first mark EXACTLY on the trail, not totally where I expected it, but it was so obvious it hurt.

the wrong one

Off we went to find the second mark on my course except… turns out, what I should have been looking for was this:

the right one. with dog.

So I wasted a lot of time, slipped around on the trail, and generally just blew snot out my nose for a few hours. All in all, an excellent day.

Trees aren't really the best at taking photos


2 thoughts on “Not all who wander are lost

  1. Rockwoods is where I first finally GOT IT with orienteering!

    (You aren’t the only blog binge-er around. I can only imagine how much more productive I’d be without new distractions.)

    • Haha, I actually found out about the rockwoods course after you posted on it – so helpful! and close! And I can go embarassingly slow all by myself and not worry about holding up the group 🙂

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