Winter Gear

It has been cold this year in St. Louis. It is also happens that this year I got a dog, and signed up for a race. Committed to doing said race, and keeping said dog happy, and in general trying to be faster, I have been running outside. For anyone else thinking about running outside, I have come to the following conclusions:

– running in temps 15F to 30F is pretty reasonable in tights and a longsleeve, but maybe consider a vest. Particularly a neon one if you run at night, like I do. Yuck.

– running in temps -5F to 15F you might want a fleece. Also, you’ll probably want to stop about a mile in to let the warm blood from your core make its way out to your frozen fingers.

– running in temps under -5F… you might want to reconsider running outside. Maybe if it’s sunny and you can forget about your frozen eyelashes and don’t care about feeling your face for the next day you can work it out.

– salt is not so nice to doggy paws. Vaseline seems to help though (put it on before heading out, but make sure to leave the house before dog has a chance to lick it all off, ewww).

– owning more than one headband is probably a good idea. I have one that I wear… everyday. It’s pretty solid (literally).

– these tights are the bomb. I love them. They support an awesome cause, and are from a company started in St. Louis by Wash. U. runners. That’s pretty neat.

yaktrax are my favorite winter running accessories. Note, they’re awesome for running on ice. Running on snow is going to be hard no matter what, because the snow will just move and creak as you step on it. I feel totally confident (even with dog trying to pull me every which way) running on ice with those things. If you run on a lot of ice, consider it. Get the ones with the top strap. Wear them everywhere (you can even run on dry pavement with them, but they’re not super stable. Built for ice, use them on ice). They’re fantastic.

– coffee.

I would like to think these lessons won’t be necessary, but according to the weatherman I would be wrong, again. At least I sorta kinda know how to deal with it by now. Happy running! It’s always better outside 🙂



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