Accountability is lame

So, my current binge is exercise. In the sense that, I signed up for the St. Louis GO half marathon that happens at the beginning of April… and I plan to race it.

I have a bad habit of signing up for athletic events (bike races, triathlons, adventure races, running races, etc) with the “plan” to train. But then I never do. This time, it shall be different. Mainly because I made myself a training plan, and set myself a goal that I can’t accomplish just getting up off the couch. Thus, lots of running (along with some other awesome stuff) is on the schedule!

I’ve also been binging on blogs of super awesome adventure racers in St. Louis, and have, as such, convinced myself I can be legit by starting a blog. But wait! I have one of those! Thus, it’s time to revisit. Expect a more race-centered blog…until I get distracted by the next great thing.

You can also expect gear reviews and other fun things of that nature, because (1) I am notoriously hard on gear (and my body, but that’s another story), and (2) I’m therefore often in the market for gear – and I usually try to spread the love (and find things that will last longer than a season). So maybe you’re looking to do something similar and want some advice. Or you make gear and want to put it to the ultimate test (hint hint…). Realistically, hopefully this will just serve as a reminder for what works and what doesn’t for me personally 🙂



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