Still Bingeing…

So, yeah, the whole binge thing counts for the blog too. Turns out I’m bad at keeping up with things. But in an attempt to rectify this situation, I will give you a brief update since last year’s UAR (holy cow! That was way too long ago… let’s go with like since Januaryish). In photo form, because that’s what everyone likes best.

Also note – this requires transferring photos from my phone to computer, so it may take a while. Hopefully not another year.

Update – photos loaded! Let’s see how unproductive my life has been…

Omnomnom powdered sugar... like mountains of cocaine but sweeter

We rode our bikes and ate beignets. Life could be worse.


I have my own plot in the community garden this year! Which means I’ve planned everything out and will be overloading it with cilantro, basil, tomatoes, jalapenos, zucchini, squash, beets, carrots, chard, kale, etc etc (please note the plot is about 5-15… yeah, it might not work out).

T$ is the bomb

My friend Theresa brought me some fantastic bay area beer… woohoo IPAs!

Look at that 'stache...

I’ve started hosting “family dinner” every Friday… basically, where friends can gather and chill, and maybe even make some homemade ravioli! Thanks for the pasta-making expertise Andy!


More bike-riding ensued.


The season of farmers markets has returned! The real significance of this is that I am eating a lot more meat… rawr. Also, meat is delicious. It should all be raised (and hopefully processed) in sustainable ways. Has me thinking I should raise my own chickens 🙂


Ok, that’s enough for now… but in theory I will be taking more pictures and in general recording my life for everyone to see. By which I really just mean Caroline. Meh.



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