Riding Bikes

One of my favorite quotes is from Albert Einstein:

“Life is like riding a bicycle: in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving” (or something like that)

This is generally true for the bike – you pedal, you move forward, you keep your balance. Until you hit an invisible wall while you’re in the middle of a busy street during an awesome city bike race (UAR! SO SWEET!).

What happened: as best I can determine, I tried to turn a little too sharply and put my inside foot down like a n00b, getting it caught in a pothole? Definitely possible with lovely St Louis streets… However it happened, as I was turning in the middle of said busy street, I was stopped. Hard. Granted I wasn’t moving very fast at the time, but it was still a shock to be riding my bike one moment, then yelling expletives the next because my bike stopped moving. Like a champ, I managed to jump off the pedals and catch myself, but the damage was done. For those of you who don’t know me, I’ll put up a picture soon… suffice it to say that I am rather well-endowed in the rear region. So, when the bike stopped and I jumped off, my bike seat ended up jamming into my ass. And it bent. Like, the actual seat bent. I was really hoping the angle had just been thrown off (something I can adjust). Nope. Damn you, fatass. Foiled again.


Don’t worry, we finished off the race anyway, but now I need to go buy another seat. Sad day. I will continue to be the butt of all my friends’ jokes.


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